Silver Rules

The Silver rules support the network and guide it in the way it works with its membership and are compatible with the Golden rules used by many of the YouthBanks worldwide. These Silver rules act as core values to further define our approach, mission, structure and activities.

Rule 1 - A global perspective

To promote an international, multi-cultural context for our actions and decisions. We will act as a global beacon of local YouthBank values (Golden Rules) that are held up in an authentic way to represent opportunities to any young person.

Rule 2 - Practising of democracy

We believe that the creation of a democratic culture demands transparent decision-making, ensuring there is good governance and execution of the network’s purpose. The decision makers have the legitimate power to make decisions and are representative of the membership. We value the contribution of those who give of their time and resources as a way of optimising service and enabling others to do the same.

Rule 3 - Respecting difference

Our contact and relationship-building will be conducted in a manner of respect for the differences of all people who wish to work with the Network, regardless of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation. We acknowledge differences in approaches to finding solutions, accepting individual YouthBanks will have differing methodologies, tools and approaches to be appreciated and positively valued.

Rule 4 - Practising inclusion

We are committed to work in ways to create genuine inclusion of all young people and those wishing to support youth- led decision-making in the allocation of resources to youth-led projects.

Rule 5 - Mutual cooperation

We work appreciating that the success and democratic progress of any international network requires a shared commitment to foster individual and collective responsibility, drawing on the strengths and talents of all.

Rule 6 - Clear communication

We value and prioritise open, clear and honest communication that keeps all documentation simple and in languages and mediums that mean it is accessible to the whole network.  We will use a blend of digital media to deliver the purpose of the YouthBank International Network.

Rule 7 - Creating space for young people

We build our approach driven by the needs of the members, always looking to add value to the membership by encouraging dynamic, innovative and creative ways of working in support of young people-led activities. We will work to give voice and presence by fully involving young people in the network, developing their skills and experiences through collaboration with young people/adult partnerships

Rule 8 - Constant learning

We support practices that utilise self-evaluation, critical refection, feedback and theory to inform and improve the performance of the Network against its purpose and values. 

In the interim period of the next 18 months the supporting entity, called the Executive Group, needs to agree the outline functions and the form of the organisation otherwise nothing will happen.

Rule 9 - Building YouthBank globally

By promoting and sustaining the values and standards of the YouthBank approach – to build mutually supportive relationships. This can be achieved in a variety of ways:/p>

  • Encouraging exchanges, site visits, internships
  • Providing technical support, advice and capacity development to those from new regions of the world seeking to develop YouthBank
  • Enabling others to deliver YouthBank as a youth-led decision-making model
  • Facilitating internal introductions leading to stronger cross- country relationships.
  • Being proactive to encourage expansion and development with other relevant networks as strategic partners.