Start Your Own Youthbank

Phase 1 - Reflections

The four sub-sections in this page are designed to support your thinking about developing a YouthBank, or a network of local YouthBanks and preparing to join the international network. They give you a ‘heads up’ regarding some important things to think about and discuss, provide links to other useful information on the YouthBank International website and pose some key questions to answer that will give you a good idea about whether your organization is likely to be suited to running a YouthBank.

YouthBank International is keen to support organizations to act in the role of host for 1, 2 or more YouthBanks and it is important that you know what you are getting in to. Whilst it may be difficult to fully appreciate the breadth of what is involved in youth-led grant-making until you actually engage in the work, we do believe that it is vital to explore what is expected before you start for real.