Start Your Own Youthbank

Phase 2 - Starting the Process

Pathway 1- Having read all about YBI on the website and completed your internal dialogue you will need to check if there is an existing YouthBank network in your country (click here).  If there is an existing host organization acting as a coordinator of YouthBank activity in your country then you need to speak directly to them and to witness the work that is done in the local context yourself.

The YouthBank Country Coordinator will be your first line of contact to discuss what is required to set up a local YouthBank and the requirements and responsibilities of joining an existing country network of YouthBanks.
Your YouthBank Country network is a formal member of YouthBank International and coordinates relationships at the local, national and international levels.  

Pathway 2 – There is no existing YouthBank host organization in your country.
YouthBank International is dedicated to supporting the development of new networks in countries where YouthBank does not yet exist.
Please contact the YouthBank International Coordinator (click here to email) after you have completed phase 1. There will be an initial dialogue to understand the applicant’s level of interest and to ensure that they are familiar with the YouthBank ethos, methodology and expectations and have the capacity and capability to host YouthBanks. This may take several on-line meetings before an Expression of Interest form is submitted by the applicant to YBI
On having received your Expression Of Interest Form, you will be sent an acknowledgement of receipt. 

Download our easy information guide to setting up your own YouthBank by clicking on the image below.