Start Your Own Youthbank

Phase 3 - Making it Real

On the understanding that you have fulfilled all the conditions stated in Phases 1 and 2 you will then be invited to carry out essential training.

For those involved in pathway 1, the coordinating YB country network organization will set the training conditions.

For those involved in pathway 2 - the training can take two forms:

  • Participation in an annual YouthBank International training school.
  • Bespoke training delivered by YouthBank International trainers at an agreed location.

All initial YouthBank training under pathway 2 will incur a fee.

If the new applicant decides to go forward after the training, they will be assigned to a Regional YouthBank International Coordinator. The coordinator will help them to build a detailed plan to support them in their development.

Formal membership application

The YouthBank International Board will review membership applications in March and October each year. 

When the Regional YouthBank International coordinator and the organization feel they are ready, then the new organization can apply for formal membership with written evidence.

On receipt and approval of the latter the applicant will be asked to sign a Memorandum of Understanding for membership of YBI. Once signed, the new YouthBank network organization will become an official member of YouthBank International and can enjoy all associated benefits. 

Decisions about acceptance and any conditions will be made by the YouthBank International Board.