Why Start A Youthbank


YouthBank brings a range of benefits to young people involved, particularly as regards their skills, confidence, personal growth and development. 

As decision-makers young people also develop an employability edge by learning to budget, work as a team, assess projects according to guidelines and requirements they have set out, fundraise effectively and communicate their message through various media platforms.

YouthBank projects help young people to engage on a deeper level with their communities by identifying priority projects that will benefit all members of these communities. Inclusivity, fairness and creativity are key.

When YouthBanks are hosted by a larger organisation the latter benefits greatly. YouthBank members raise the organisation’s profile as they promote their own projects. Impressed by the work of YouthBanks, some host organisations have reshaped their own governance structures to increase the participation and input of young people. Host organisations have also reported increases in the links they have with other grant-giving initiatives and local youth and community structures. This has enabled their young people to get involved in local democracy, youth councils, forums etc.

Young people who benefit from YouthBank grants realise that they have the confidence and ability to make effective decisions, improve their local communities and become active citizens.

In a nutshell:

Key ingredients:

  • The YouthBank model allows young people to take real responsibility through decision-making about the allocation of grant funds.
  • It encourages young people to put their own ideas into practice through fund raising and budgeting. 

Simple, flexible formula:

  • Local young people are recruited, trained and appointed to act as grant makers. They decide on local priorities and develop application and assessment systems.
  • Young grant makers are in the driving seat but are never alone: they receive all the support they need from YouthBank International and experienced national YouthBank coordinators when relevant.

Measurable benefits for grant makers:

  • Grant recipients learn to implement their projects, plan their activities, manage their budget and promote their message through media outlets.
    • Employability skills: decision making, publicity, communications and public relations, design and IT, project planning, financial literacy, negotiation, team work.
    • Life skills: dealing with differences, enhancing cultural understanding, working as a team, negotiation

Benefits to local communities:

  • Makes young people’s participation real and positive
  • Benefits for the wider community: legacy of funded projects, assumptions about young people are challenged.
  • YouthBank is fully inclusive and encourages the participation of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.