Why Start A Youthbank

What we provide

We want active members who will share learning, come to meetings and attend events whenever they can so that they can get involved in the governance of our vibrant and responsive organization.

To facilitate this YouthBank International will:

  • Provide access to a Members’ Forum and on-line materials
    This is aimed at coordinators and group leaders to support the development and activity of local YouthBanks. This will be a dynamic forum leading and contributing to debate, reflecting views and highlighting your priorities. The forum currently contains information and exercises grouped under the following headings.

  • Create opportunities for the exchange of effective practice
    We will help those involved in youth-led grant-making across the globe to network internationally. This will enable the spread of successful ideas and initiatives which can be adapted or replicated. We will gather information and evidence to support greater awareness and understanding of the YouthBank model.

  • Care for the credibility and identity of the YouthBank International organization
    We will be the guardian of the values and principles of YouthBank International and will ensure, to the best of our ability that all members behave in ways that enhance our organization and promote positive work with young people.

  • Offer support and advice
    We will provide assistance to our members about all kinds of things based on what they need at the time. Our experience tells us that groups need different things at each stage of their development and depending on the circumstances in which they are working. We have experience of supporting developing and established YouthBanks and the network will enable us to share this more effectively for the benefit of all members.

  • Training and development opportunities.
    We are as committed to training and developing the adult support staff as much as the young people involved in YouthBank. When we are not on location with our members, we will offer opportunities via social media, webinars etc as well as the more conventional written word!

  • Tools and techniques
    These will be part of the online resources and we will encourage you to share those that you love to use. We are already developing an ‘Activity Library’ for each of the sections of the Members’ Forum. Our intention is that there will also be further publications that will support your work and enhance the quality of provision for young people.

  • Be visible on the global stage
    We will be promoting the ethos and values of youth-led grant-making on your behalf, getting involved with policy makers, movers and shakers, bringing the YouthBank model to new regions and countries, and generally making a noise about the great work that is happening in YouthBanks worldwide.