Why Start A Youthbank

Your Responsibilities

What does YBI expect of its members?

We expect you to care about the:

  • Health and safety of the young people you work with and those who receive grant funds.
  • Quality of the experience you offer young people through YouthBank which focuses on their learning and development.
  • Way you conduct your relationships and business with others, ensuring that YouthBank is seen in a positive light.

We know that YouthBank offers a unique experience that is much more than a grant-making mechanism and when your application for membership is accepted you will be asked to sign a memorandum of understanding that will describe the wider responsibilities of member organizations. Therefore, in addition to the undertakings above we will ask you to agree to:

  • Contribute to the advancement of youth-led grant-making in the local context
    Ensure that you are an ambassador for the YouthBank model of work with young people in your local area. 
  • Uphold and operate within the ethos and values of YouthBank International and YouthBank
    Agree to work within the Golden Rules of YouthBank and the Guiding Principles of YouthBank International at all times. 
  • Identify a contact person to the YouthBank International office
    Provide the name and contact details of the person who will be our first point of contact and who is able to speak on behalf of the group.
  • Participate in and co-organize events
    Our intention will be to hold events at different locations and when the event is in your country, YouthBank International would ask to work with local YouthBanks to put on the best event.
  • Be active on the Members Forum
    Share your views and opinions about the activities and programs provided by YouthBank International and its partners. Add to the debate and knowledge gathering, share experience and learning and generally be prepared to support other members wherever they may be.
  • Acknowledge membership of YouthBank International on publications and documents related to YouthBank work
    This is about ‘spreading the word’. It’s important to acknowledge the existence of YouthBank International and the role it plays in development of YouthBank worldwide.
  • Participate in governance of YouthBank International
    Our aim will be to have representation from across the globe.

You will see on the application form that there is a range of questions to respond to. Some of these are to help us gather data and information about the breadth and range of work with young people, some are to ensure that the work you are undertaking is about YouthBank and that we are the right organization for you, and some are to help us plan for the future based on the needs of our members.